Friday, June 22, 2012

Things that Annoy Me: SPAM

If I get one more unsolicited email I am going to explode.  I was on vacation for 8 days and did not check email.  Not even once did I glance at the screen.  I needed a break from the madness and by golly I was taking my break. Today was the first day I had time to sit down in front of the computer to check email.  I knew I would be uninterrupted for at least and hour and it was time to tackle the load.

Can you guess how many SPAM items I had?  Go ahead.  Try to guess.  I'd have a guessing contest but I'm too impatient to do that.  247.  TWO HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN unsolicited emails.    You have got to be kidding me.

I had offers for free magazine subscriptions.
I had recipes from Pillsbury and Kraft.
I had medical emails
I had many  emails wanting me to purchase crafty items.
I have emails telling me that with one click I'll never have car problems, back aches or dirty laundry ever again!

When will the madness end?

I've been sitting here for 30 minutes going one by one by one and unsubscribing.

To unsubscribe, click here.    This is always buried.  Way down at the bottom of the page.

But I've found it, and I've clicked here  over and over and over.  Now I have a headache.

I felt as if I were running on  a treadmill.  Work and work and work and never get anywhere.  And that's because when you unsubscribe............. they send you another email reminding you that you unsubscribed.

Now that's a good way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Stay tuned:  Tomorrow I'm going to tell about my trip to the gynecologist. Fun for all!


  1. I hear you about the spam--so annoying.

    Looking forward to your post tomorrow...I think. ;)

    1. Ha! Yes, I had a doctor's appointment but it's not what you think. Routine.

  2. True. Getting rid of spam seems endless. I sympathize. Might skip the gyno report though. :-)

    1. Don't worry, Mare. I wouldn't say anything too upsetting. And yes, the spam dumping takes time away from my valuable mindless web surfing.