Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday - Or the Day I Stayed At Home All Day

That's right, I did not leave my house today.  I walked outside, but that doesn't count.  I was a homebody and I enjoyed every second.

It's a treat to stay at home all day every once in a while.  What did I do?  I cleaned my house, completed many, many rounds of laundry and watched daytime TV.  I didn't actually sit down and watch it.  I had the television on and I would catch a few seconds here and there as I passed through the kitchen.  It is really not like me to have the television on for no reason.   For some reason I enjoyed the quiet noise.  During the school year I crave a quiet house.  I guess I'm missing the chatter.

I thought I'd give you a rundown of daytime TV.  I know you and the rest of the world were busy today while I stayed at home.  I don't want you to miss anything.

A few shows I caught today.
Or I should say, parts of shows I glanced at today.
In no particular order ....

Food Network:

Paula's Best Dishes - a spinoff of Paula Deen?  What is her other show called?  I thought maybe this was repeats of earlier shows but her son Jamie was on with her and they were talking about the new baby.  I surmised it was a recent taping.

They prepared a pork roast that I could smell.  OH MY GOSH.  I'm not eating meat, as you may remember, but I think I would have to have a small taste of this if I were in Savannah.  Jamie prepared a sweet potato casserole.  Let me tell you, is there anything more attractive than a tall, dark, handsome man peeling a sweet potato?   That Jamie is a looker.

Years ago we went to The Lady & Sons.  DELICIOUS!

Look how little my children were.  Wow.  Anyway, we had lunch and it was delicious.

But back to my day.

I also watched a few seconds of Barefoot Contessa.  Although I'm sure Ina is a very nice lady and a talented chef, she does not live in my world.  What did she prepare?  Oh yes, she was making a layered dessert.  One layer of chocolate chip cookies (bought from a bakery)topped with a layer of mocha flavored whipped cream, another layer of cookies, another layer of get the picture.  Chill in the frig.  Serve chilled.  Calories:  10 zillion

**This is aside, but did I tell you about the time I was watching Trisha Yearwood's new cooking show on Food Network?  And she made a cake....... instead of using flour, she ground up an entire box of vanilla wafers.  Yes ma'am she did.  I was shocked!  Not sure I could eat more than a bite but it makes you curious, doesn't it?

I saw several ads for Bobby Flay's new show.  Something about helping a struggling restaurant.  Like I said, I was in and out of the room.

Talk Shows:

I caught a few minutes of The View.  They were discussing Ann Curry leaving The Today Show.  I don't have an opinion one way or the other but I do think it's dirty to "fire" her and then expect her to work one more week.  How awkward she must feel.  I read Laura Bush's autobiography years ago when it was first released and she makes a point of saying that out of all the press people she met, etc. Ann Curry was always kind and thoughtful and genuine.  She is the same off camera as she is on air.  

I find 2 of the co-hosts on The View so annoying that I can not bear to watch it.  It was on while I was dusting and as soon as I located the remote control underneath the newspaper and a sofa pillow, I flipped the channel.

Regis-less and Kelly?  No
Today Show Hour #4?  No

Later in the day I looked up and saw Rachael Ray cooking with Nick Cannon.  I have no idea what they were preparing.  I changed the channel.

I stopped on CNN.  They had coverage of Tropical Storm Debby in the Gulf which is always a concern for us.   I listened to a news story concerning the Bus Aide who was harassed by some middle school aged boys.  Apparently she has received $600,000+.  Wow!  By the way, what do you think about this incident?  One thing I haven't heard anyone discuss is ............ well, maybe I shouldn't say it because it will sound heartless.  But as a teacher, the authority you project is powerful.  You teach students how to treat you.  The students should suffer appropriate consequences for their behavior that should include suspension from bus riding privileges.  The school board should consider training for faculty and staff in leadership and management skills.

I'm sure I successfully proved to you that there is NOTHING on daytime television.

Tomorrow I am going to get out of my house.  I need fresh air!

Hugs and kisses.


  1. I really need to get the kids to let me change the channel once in a while. It's all cartoons, all the time here. It sounds like I'm missing out... ;)

  2. I LOVE being home all day! I agree that Jaime Deen is a cutie-patootie. And that Ina Garten lives in her own world. I resent when she says, "use really good vanilla" like the rest of us use crappy vanilla. I would love to get to Lady and Sons sometime. Fun post!

  3. There are only some occasions when the television will be on during the daytime notably this next fortnight as Wimbledon is televised from about 11.30 in the morning.

    Apart from that I am a radio girl and will have a radio on in every room in the house so as I move around I don't miss a thing. The trouble with that is that there is a time lag between the digital radio and the plugged in radios .... so often there is that very real sense of deja vue.