Saturday, June 16, 2012

People Watching

The sights you will at Walt Disney World. 

The temps are in the upper 90s yet you will see people wearing jeans and long sleeves.
Or, on the other end, you'll see people wearing next to nothing!  Last night we saw a grown woman wearing her swimsuit.  Yes, she had a linen type coverup on, but it was definitely her swimsuit under there.  Fashion Police Heaven!  It's hot, people.  And you are going to get a lot of mileage out of those flip flops.  So dress for the occasion.

Next:  Tattoos.  I confess at the start, NOT BRAVE ENOUGH.  I was thinking, so if you decide to go ahead and get a tattoo why would you pick something outlandish and crazy?  I mean if I'm going to paint my bedroom I have to choose a color that I can live with for a long time.  So I don't pick pepto pink or burger king orange.  I wondered about the naked lady tattoo that was on the arm of the man in front of me at the bakery in France.  And what's with that scary skull?  And why so many?  Can't you be satisfied with just one?  When is enough enough?

Families visiting the parks at Disneyworld often dress alike.  It does make it easier to spot each other in a crowd and I get that.  We have seen some creative and clever shirt designs.  Tour groups also tend to dress alike.  By the way, is Brazil closed?  So many tour groups with the most beautiful teenagers you will ever see! 

Everyone has been considerate and patient.  Until yesterday.  We met a couple of Disney Scrooges yesterday.  I had to just shake my head.  What do you gain by being rude and obnoxious?  We're all hot and we've all been waiting a long time. 

Ironman and I were discussing our many trips here.  I'm embarrassed to tell you the number we can up with.  You would DIE if you knew.  I almost died.  We've been more times than is legal.  Each trip we make to Mickey and Minnie's world is a little easier. 

Before:  we had to manage strollers, snacks, bottles, blankets, diapers, pacifiers, sunscreen, tickets, money, room keys, hats, sandals, bandaids, water bottles and battery operated fans.

Now:  We have room keys, tickets, sunscreen, cell phones, advil 

Before:  Fantasyland, characters, princess breakfast, parades, balloons, ice cream cones, souvenirs, autograph books

Now:  Rock n Roller Coaster, Mission Space, Soarin' and Space Mountain.

We just walk on by the characters.
We want to stay in the parks until closing which is some nights 2am.
We are not interested in all the little toys in the gift shops. 

We still eat the ice cream!


  1. I've love to take the kids there someday, but man, I get exhausted just thinking about it. Whew!

    Love reading these reports. :)

  2. Sound like fun. But I've never been and fairly certain I'll never be able to go. Closest thing I have known is going to Astroworld that used to be in Houston every summer through my teens. I have never liked tatoos. And honestly can't understand the desire for them. When someone has almost total ink on their arms, chest or back, it just always looks to me like they are dirty...even if they are totally clean. But to each their own.

  3. I've never been to Disneyworld, but we took the boys to Universal Orlando last July. Had a blast, it was hot, and I know what you're saying about not enough clothing and too many tattoos!

    How fun that you have this great family tradition.