Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Career Change

Yesterday on the playground several of us were discussing our jobs and how maybe it's time for a change.  Oh yes, the conversations on the playground.  I have developed a skill called "listen and talk at the same time"  Not a fancy name, I know.  But I can listen to an adult talk to me at the same time that I'm talking to a child.  That way we aren't interrupted.  :)

One teacher said she knows her husband wishes he could have a seafood company.  He'd like to own the shrimp boats, process the fish and then sell them at market.  Currently he's an attorney.   Another teacher said she has always wanted to have an art studio and frame shop.  The idea just kept flowing.

I would like to be a professional organizer and real estate stager.  Honestly, I would.  I have a thing for closets and pantries and shelves and even mantels.  I would like to step into someone's home, assess their needs and lifestyle, purge and clean and organize and beautify.  Yes, I'd like to do that.  But who would pay someone for that?  In this economy with gas so high............ it just seems unreasonable.  However, while sitting having my hair cut last Saturday, the conversation turned to closets.  And I though talk on the playground was random!  Kate, my talkative, sweet hair stylist was mentioning that she had spend all of Friday night cleaning her closet.  Wow!  Someone else just like me on the planet!!  I told my clothes hang in order by colors of the rainbow.   She told me that she bought a small laminator just to make her own labels.  Great minds think alike!  We kidded around about going into business and about what our business name should be.  When I wondered aloud if anybody would PAY for such a service, more than one hand went up in the salon.  WOW!  I never expected that.

Don't be concerned.  I'm not quitting my job that provides our health care coverage.  But I am going to come up with a plan to reach that goal.

First up:  super organize my own house.  Take before and after photos.  Then offer my services to someone who needs it for an inexpensive rate.  I'll do just one closet or just one pantry.  

But for now I'm a preschool teacher.



  1. My sister and I were just talking about this! Not organizing because that is not really our thing, but the idea that just becuase we have this one job, doesn't mean we can't plan something different that might be more satisfying....we're still in the talking ideas stage, but it's very exciting!

  2. a real estate stager would be an awesome job! And TONS of people would pay for someone else to come in and organize, etc.!

  3. I have a girl in my class whose mother is an attorney. She told me her real wish is to be a preschool teacher and if the economy were better she'd do it right now!

  4. I have also been talking to an old coworker of mine with pretty much the same plan. She used to clean homes for a living, and is very very good at it. I'm amazing at organizing. On top of that, I'm starting to make my own little storage boxes. So I could sell my storage units, use them for the client's pantry/closet/whatever, and she could clean the house while I organize behind her. Yes, people pay for this. Why? They obviously have no skill at it (or want to do it).

  5. Hey Patti,

    I am also a teacher and organize my closet by colors of the rainbow! :)