Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Engineer Arrives for the Weekend or How I Ate Myself Into a Stupor

What a weekend I've had.  It's been a weekend of eating and talking, that's for sure.  The Engineer called Tuesday from off campus and said he was planning a visit for the weekend.  I was so happy to hear that.  But what to feed him?  (I emailed him a long menu but he never returned it to me)  And so when he arrived home, he requested:  

 Fried Alligator
 Shrimp - which I baked in the oven
I also baked slice potatoes.  Both white and sweet.

Oh my goodness.  I needed to lay down after all that eating.  I was exhausted from counting up all the weight watcher points!

Thank goodness we had fruit for dessert.
We look forward to the spring every year just because of strawberry season.

I did try to watch my portions.  But I ate a little of everything and it was so good.
Today it was back to fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

What did you cook this weekend?

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