Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tick, Tock. What time is it?

Everyday I play beat the clock.  I get out of bed before anyone else.  Sort, load, fold, organize, list make all while dressing and never stopping.  Even as organized as I am my mornings are dictated by the clock.  Leave the house even 5 minutes late and the traffic will put me 10 minutes behind.

Play, paint, move, correct, talk, soothe, bandage, search, find, sort and create all day long.  By 3pm I walk to the car thinking of all the work I have to do once home.

These last few weeks have been even busier since Dancer Girl is in a school musical. She is the Cheshire Cat in the middle school version of Alice in Wonderland, Jr.  She has daily rehearsal from 3 - 5pm.  Sometimes I run errands until it is time to return to school at 5.  Sometimes I come home and start supper, read through the mail, vacuum (I'm the vacuum queen) before returning to school for pickup.  I do not enjoy driving.  Back and forth errand driving is my nemesis.

Once home I clean, sort, read, chop, steam, saute, scrub, load, fold, find, google for homework, talk, and listen until I drop.  I also weigh and measure my food since I've returned to Weight Watchers.  So far I've lost 14.9 pounds!!  WOOP WOOP.  I'd just about forgotten how nice it is when everything in your closet fits.  Such a nice feeling.

One more week and we will officially be on spring break.  I have plans.  And they don't involve a clock or a routine.  I'm going to enjoy every minute!

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