Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shopping with Teenagers

Today my daughters and I decided to do a little shopping.  They each had money to spend and I just wanted to hang out with them for awhile.

Now, I have 2 daughters.  They are complete opposites when it comes to just about everything.  Daughter #1 had plenty of money.  She has been working here and there alongside Ironman with race timing.  She is proficient with computer lingo and can set up/operate/interpret computer data from road races, triathlons, etc.  And she gets paid for the few hours she works.  She will not spend a dollar.  Even if she finds something she likes, that's not too expensive - that doesn't matter.  More than once today I would say, "Go ahead and get it.  It's cute" and she would reply, "But then I'd spend all my money."  When I asked her how much money she had she replied "$40"  I was surprised because I knew for a fact she has more spending money than that.  She was almost insulted when I asked just that.  "I didn't bring all my money" she said with a little twang of an attitude.
All that to say we shopped for a couple of hours and she did not spend a penny.

My younger daughter, however, can spend money freely.  And the crazy thing is she can find a deal!  She had $29 to spend.  Yes, she brought all of her money with her.  At the end of our shopping trip she had purchased one blouse, one necklace, one bracelet and a snack.  And had money left over.  I am not kidding!  The blouse was on the sale rack.  It was marked $19.99.  But there was a sign that said to take an additional 50% off the sale price.  So yes, she paid $10 for it.  The jewelry was found at another store, once again on the sale rack.   I was amazed at her savvy.  And I was glad she enjoyed herself so much.  Yes, she spent almost all of her money.  But she was happy and told me "I'll figure out a way to earn some more.  I'll ask Dad."

I really hadn't planned on buying anything.  I was just along as the chaperone.  Or something like that.  We went to T.J.Maxx.  Now, this store - and Marshall's - you can find some treasures!  I love hunting and looking and thinking when I go in there.  And sure enough, T.J. Maxx had Lenox salad plates "Butterfly Garden" for $2.99 each.  WOW.  They are beautiful.  And they had 6!  I just couldn't pass them up.

I wonder why my daughters are so different.  This shopping story is just one simple way.  But there are much bigger differences.  One daughter is painfully shy.  She is in advanced math, advanced spanish, Advanced history, - attends a high school for academically talented students.  All that is very good and we are very proud and amazed at her talent.  But in social situations she is painfully, painstakingly shy.  It's almost more than just being shy.  It's timid and unsure and awkward and self conscious all rolled into a big wobbly ball.

My younger daughter has never met a stranger.  She will try out for any play, any team. She has a zillion friends and can make a new friend in an hour.  And that new friends will automatically be her "best friend"  In fact, all her friends are her best friends.  She is confident and positively sure that everyone will like her when she walks in a room.  She has no doubt.  Because strangers are just best friends she hasn't met yet.

I'm proud of both of them.  But they wear me out.

Tomorrow is Ironman's birthday.  I guess I'll be making a vegan birthday cake.  Hmmm  I'll take photos.

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