Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Church

Rick Santorum spoke at my church this morning.

His visit wasn't a surprise.  The city knew he would be there.  I was surprised, in a way, that he would choose the church I attend.  I don't really know why I was surprised.  I just was.  We never hear any political talk during a worship service.  It is not the focus.  I guess that's why I was surprised he would be speaking.

The street leading to the church and especially the parking lot was full of security vehicles both marked and unmarked.  How do you tell a car is a security car when it's unmarked?  It just doesn't fit or something.

The Senator spoke for just over 30 minutes.  I didn't look at his presentation as political but instead as a public speaker.  I was surprised that he had a rough beginning - almost as if he was called upon to say a few words with no preparation.  His speech was all over the map. Was he nervous?  Was he uncomfortable?  I couldn't put my finger on it.  I felt nervous and uncomfortable for him.  After 5 minutes or so he settled into a story of his stance on abortion which was fine.  However, did we need to hear the gory details?  Our church has many, many young families with young children and I just cringed knowing little ears were listening.  Okay, maybe they weren't listening.  Did I listen in church as a child?  Maybe..............

Walking to the car after church we were all discussing what we had heard.  Brace yourself.  Comments were honest and some were funny.
Not being southern, Senator Santorum did not posses the easy, bless your heart, good to see you attitude.  I like that attitude.  I like that you don't go to Kroger just to buy bread, we here in the south go to Kroger to visit!
The Senator was pretty much stiff and almost uncomfortable,  which made those of us in the "audience" uncomfortable.    Uncomfortable - that is the only word I can think of to describe how he appeared.  Like when your feet are aching in new shoes and the room is warm and your dress feels snug and you have a slight headache.  
What was I expecting?  Because it was a church service on a Sunday morning I was expecting and interested to hear about his personal relationship with Jesus Church our Savior and Lord.  I wanted to hear a little about his family, his marriage, his wins and loses.  I wanted it to be interesting and endearing and appropriate.

Even typing out this blog I'm wondering if I should even post it.   I haven't kept a close watch on the presidential race this year.  I don't know many of the issues.  We have our own big problems in the state with our own elected officials.  All that to say, I haven't chosen a candidate.

Have you ever been disappointed by a politician or celebrity?  Have you ever had your mind changed by something you heard a politician say?

I missed having my regular worship service today. I did think about taking a photo with my iPhone during the service but decided against it.  It just didn't seem appropriate.  Besides there was a security man standing right beside me.  There was a lot of security.  Not sure I should read in my purse and pull out something.  I did not see anyone taking photos with a phone or a camera.

 Tomorrow it's back to school and work.

I have one more thing to say:  FIVE DAYS UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!!


  1. Patti, I've been following the race a little, and I must say I'm turned off a little by Sen. Santorum, especially as of late. And I would have been terribly disappointed to have my church service taken over for political purposes :(

  2. I'm with you. I felt disappointed. I wish the Senator had NOT discussed politics during his visit. I wish he had discussed family and faith and lessons learned. I know that would have made his visit less of an intrusion. At least in my mind. I haven't spoken with anyone else from my church to get their opinion.