Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Suzanne Somers

Did you see her on The Rosie Show?  She's either crazy or genius.  I listened to her and wondered how she learned what she has learned.   After her breast cancer was removed she had reconstruction surgery.  But not in the usual way.  The doctors (magicians) used her own fat from her thigh to create fullness in the now healthy breast.  FROM HER THIGH!  Wow.  First of all, that is amazing and exciting and a medical wonder.  Secondly, I have extra fat in my thighs............. where could I put it?

Speaking of The Rosie Show, I enjoy the new format.  She interviews her guests one on one.  Yes, the interview with Liza "with a Z" Minnelli was incoherent and like doing homework.  But for the most part I have enjoyed her new show on OWN. I used to walk on my treadmill daily and listen to her Sirius Radio Talk Show for several years every day.

Saturday I went to get my hair cut.  The salon isn't fancy smancy but boasts the friendliest staff of professionals in town.  It is so much fun to go and visit.  Oh, and get your hair cut.  (in my case - your roots done)  But back to television.  The group of us - customers and stylists together - were discussing television shows.  We were all sharing the shows we enjoy and shows we used to enjoy.  My new obsession is The Amandas.  Oh my I love that show.  Yes, I LOVE that show.  Have you seen it?  I want to move to Birmingham and be an Amanda.  When I grow up I want to be a professional organizer.

Which brings me to my next point:  WHY CHANGE A GOOD THING?  I was watching The Amandas on Monday night.  And now it's changed to Wednesday nights.  And what's worse........ it's on at 10pm which is  way past my bedtime.  I teach preschool, people.  I can't be staying up that late!

American Idol is on in the other room.  I.T. girl enjoys watching it and boasts that she has predicted the winner every single year since Kelly Clarkson.  Will her winning streak continue?  Stay tuned.  (I've already picked Phillip Phillips.  Double Names.  Love that)


  1. I could donate the fat in my thighs becuase there is no where on my body that I want to reuse it! But it is a very fascinating idea....

  2. I'm not a huge Rosie fan, but I DO have some fat that I'd like to get rid of :)

  3. I was thinking the same thing. I have plenty of fat to share........

  4. I was thinking the same thing. I have plenty of fat to share........