Monday, March 26, 2012

First Day of Spring Break

Today was the first day of my spring break.  Ironman insists my spring break began Friday at 3:30.  Oh no, it didn't.  It didn't begin until Sunday evening around 6.  I've explained this reasoning to him more than once.  You see, the weekend didn't really count as spring break as it was just a regular weekend.  Saturday was full of laundry and house cleaning - I confess I do enjoy the house work stuff.  Odd you say?  Maybe.  Still, the weekend was the usual routine schedule I follow on, well, the weekends.  But Sunday late afternoon..........that's when my routine was different.  No checking on P.E. uniforms.  No packing lunches.  No ironing a clean blouse.  No making sure cars have gas.  None of that. Because Spring Break was beginning!  Ironman still doesn't get it.

Being home today gave me time to watch a little daytime TV.  There are televisions shows that I've never seen.  First of all, Live with Kelly?  Where's Reege?  I vaguely remember he retired but this was the first time I've seen the revamped show.  I watched none of it.  True - I listened to the show's theme song and then changed the channel.

Later in the morning as I was cleaning my closet I watched a HGTV show My First Sale.  A young man trying to sell a house he had restored in the D.C. area.  Because Ironman and I have suffered through that recently I could relate to his frustration.  I enjoy all the realtor shows.

Anderson is a new show I've never seen.  Anderson Cooper from CNN has a morning talk show.  WHO KNEW?  Today he had on a guest - Kristin Chenowith - and she and Anderson sat and discussed their interest in reality TV.   People on TV talking about people on TV.

Newsflash:  Daytime TV can be boring.    :)

Today was a good day.  I felt relaxed, cozy and content.  Bring on tomorrow!

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  1. Enjoy your spring break! I am so envious of people who actually HAVE spring breaks!!