Friday, March 23, 2012

I made it!

Ladies and Germs,

I am officially on SPRING BREAK!!

I made it.  We all made it.  I could not keep my eyes off the clock today.  Why does time slow right at the end?

After school I came home and fell asleep on the sofa.  Dancer Girl woke me up asking if she could go to the movie with her friend but not spend the night.  I'm waiting for her to return so I can go to bed.  I've done a lot of things to keep myself awake.  I cleaned the kitchen,  started some laundry, played with the doggie, read through some blogs.  But I'm barely hanging in there so she needs to hurry and get back home.

It feels so nice to have an entire week off of work.  I strive to be patient and friendly and loving at school but  I'm only human.  I need some time away from the activity and noise, hustle and bustle to rest and recharge.

Tomorrow  I hope to plan my Easter Menu.  I hope to finish up plans for Ironman's birthday.  Speaking of birthdays and getting older, do you feel as old as your driver's license says you are?  I sure don't.  In fact, I forget that I'm one of the "older" faculty members.  Today I found out that one of the kindergarten teachers dated my nephew when they were both in high school.  My little nephew!  Wait  - he's 32, married with 2 children.  Wasn't he just 7 years old last year?  Then it hit me, this teacher that I work with - she is a LOT younger than I.  She's my nephew's age.  Therefore,  she was 6 when I got married.   Wow.

Goodnight and sleep tight.  I'm going to enjoy my time off.

Hugs and Kisses and Photos to come

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