Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do I Ever Have Enough?

So many crazy things have happened to me in the last couple of days.  Have you ever had stuff happen and you just know you are the ONLY one that would ever experience such inconveniences?  

Monday night I was at a meeting.  I needed something to write with.  I dug through my purse.  Nothing.  I looked around the room quickly.  Nothing.  No pen, marker, pencil or even lip gloss.  I remembered I found a pen in the bottom of my purse Friday for Ironman.  Guess he didn't give it back.

Then today I had time to go through the carwash before I picked up Dancer Girl at school.  I didn't want to spend the big bucks for the full service, so I pulled up to the do it yourself bay.  How much is the vacuum?  $1.00. In quarters, of course.  So I dug through my wallet and found 4 quarters.  Good to go. Then I proceeded to the wash area.  The sign said "$1.50"  Did I have 6 more quarters?  Of course not.  I had 5.  I tried to insert a nickel but it wouldn't take it.

While I was standing outside the car I noticed Dancer Girl's wallet in the pocket of the back seat.  Maybe she has a quarter.  YES!  Finally, I have enough money to wash the pollen and gunk off my car.  I won't be embarrassed tomorrow in the school parking lot.

The bay I was in had duct tape over the coin insert here thingy. So I pulled around to the next one and...... what? ........ the sign said $1.25.  Are you kidding? I had enough money all along.  I paid with my last few quarters.

I had to laugh that these things only happen to me.  They are just little inconveniences, but they can drive you crazy.

Now I must drop a few pens into my purse, quarters into my wallet and repay Dancer Girl 25 cents.

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